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Antalya Alanya


Alanya is one of the most important districts of Antalya that contributes to tourism. Alanya, which has both natural beauties and a historical past, is a favorite of local and foreign tourists. It is one of the important districts with its sea, greenery, sports and sightseeing tourism.


 What to Eat in Alanya?


 Alanya has many local dishes. In Alanya, where agriculture is done intensively, the food is also very unique. It is possible to buy and taste many natural village products such as freshly made jams and fruit juices in Alanya, where citrus fruits are abundant, especially due to the Mediterranean climate. Appetizers and vegetable dishes made with natural olive oil should definitely be tasted in Alanya.


 Where to go in Alanya?


 -Alanya Castle


 Alanya Castle is one of the symbols of Alanya. Some of the walls and cisterns of the castle, which has a unique sea view, are still intact.


 -Cleopatra Beach


 This beach is named after the famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. This beach, which has a historical background, is said to be where Cleopatra swam in this sea from time to time. Thanks to its clear water, it is possible to see fish and sea creatures.


 -Damlataş Cave


 Damlataş cave on the coast of Alanya is a natural beauty. It took thousands of years for stalactites and stalagmites to form in this cave. These natural beauties fascinate those who see them. One of the most interesting features of this cave is that the temperature of the cave remains constant in all seasons. It has a temperature of 22 degrees in all seasons.


 -Syedra Ancient City


 Syedra Ancient City, which contributes to Alanya being a historical region, has a very old history. It is possible to see the remains of historical buildings that are still intact in this city surrounded by walls.


 How to go to Alanya?


 Getting to Alanya is not difficult. Regional transfer will be very easy, especially for passengers arriving via Antalya Airport. When tourists coming to Antalya search for a regional transfer company, VAC Transfer will appear. With its vehicles and experienced employees, VAC Transfer is one of the best Antalya Airport regional transfer company. In order to reach Alanya safely and comfortably, VAC Transfer offers the most comfortable service for visitors who are looking for a transfer from Antalya Airport to the region. Alanya is 125 kilometers from Antalya and the journey takes approximately 115 minutes. For those who want to spend this time comfortably, the region Antalya transfer company VAC Transfer will be the most suitable company choice. Enjoying Alanya and starting your holiday with pleasure is possible thanks to VAC Transfer.