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Antalya - Incekum

Incekum is a holiday resort in the Alanya district of Antalya. You can enjoy your holiday in İncekum, which attracts local and foreign tourists with its sea and greenery. Visitors enjoying the sea, sand and sun can also see natural beauties. Banana trees are very common in Incekum, where agriculture is practiced as well as tourism.


 Where to go in Incekum?


 -Alara Castle


 Alara Castle is a historical region from the Seljuk period. It is a little difficult to reach the castle, which was built to ensure the safety of the caravanserais. But the view of this historic castle is unmatched. There are historical artifacts inside the castle, which looks quite magnificent and large from the outside.


 -Syedra Ancient City


 Syedra Ancient City, located very close to Incekum, is one of the must-see places. There is a still intact entrance gate at the entrance of this ancient city, which is surrounded by walls. There are many historical ruins such as theatre, temple, bath, houses.


 -Dim Stream


 Dim Stream, which is formed naturally by the waters coming from the Taurus Mountains, fascinates visitors with its natural beauties. Tourists, who are overwhelmed by the sweltering and hot weather of the Mediterranean climate, can cool off by entering the Dim Stream. You can have a good time with picnic and resting places around.


 -Damlataş Cave


 Damlataş Cave is a well-known and frequently visited karst cave. It is also very important in terms of being the first cave in Turkey opened to visitors. The resulting stalactites, stalagmites and columns impress those who see them with their natural beauty. It is also said that the air of the cave is good for asthma patients.


 How to go to Incekum?


 It is easy to go to Incekum in Antalya. The distance between Antalya and Incekum is 100 kilometers and this road takes 80 minutes. It is very easy to reach Incekum via Incekum transfer. When those who want to come to Incekum search for Antalya Incekum transfer or Incekum Antalya transfer over the internet, VAC Transfer will appear. VAC Transfer offers the best opportunities to domestic and foreign tourists with its vehicles and employees. Tourists who want to reach Incekum from Antalya Airport have a safe journey through Antalya Airport Incekum transfer. With Incekum Antalya airport transfer, tourists start their holidays with pleasure. Going to Incekum holiday resort starts your holidays with pleasure through VAC Transfer.