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Antalya - Kemer

Kemer, one of Antalya's favorite tourism centers, is a tourist center that attracts both domestic and foreign tourists. Known especially for its proximity to various tourism regions around it, Kemer draws attention with its wide beaches and accommodation centers suitable for all budgets. Drawing attention with its historical places apart from sea, sand and sun tourism, Kemer was a village in the 80s, but now it has become one of the most striking tourism regions of our country. You can reach the tourism centers around it by various means, as well as provide a safe journey with Kemer transfer offered by VAC Transfer.


- Places to Visit in Kemer

  Kemer is a place where you should spend your holiday just to visit the ancient city of Olympos and the Çıralı volcano, located in Çıralı. At the end of the wide beaches, the ancient city of Olympos will allow you to have a cultural feast as far as the eye can see. Also, close to the sea, with a magnificent view, Çıralı volcano is worth seeing with its fire that has not been extinguished for centuries, rising through the stones. You can reach both tourism centers via Antalya Kemer transfer via Kemer is about 39 km from Cirali and takes 45 minutes. Kemer is also famous for its various beautiful beaches and tourist centers around it. Some of them are: Olympos beach, Adrasan beach, Göynük canyon and Phaselis ancient city. It is possible to visit these beautiful places at the end of a comfortable journey with Kemer Antalya transfer.

- How to Get Transportation to Kemer 

 The distance between Kemer and Antalya is 45 km and takes about 50 minutes. You can reach Kemer from Antalya center in a reliable and comfortable way with Kemer Antalya airport transfer. After you reach Antalya by plane, you can easily transfer to Kemer with Antalya Kemer airport transfer service. The distance between the airport and Kemer is 60 km and this distance takes approximately 1 hour and 22 minutes. VAC Transfer offers the best service to those who are looking for Antalya Kemer transfer company to go to Kemer. With Kemer Antalya transfer, local and foreign tourists can reach Kemer safely. When tourists coming to Kemer via Antalya Airport call Antalya Airport Kemer transfer or Kemer Antalya Airport transfer company, VAC transfer will appear. Thanks to VAC Transfer, you can safely reach the holiday resort Kemer. Thanks to Kemer transfer, tourists who spend their journey safely and comfortably can start their holidays with pleasure. Thanks to VAC Transfer, they can reach Kemer safely.

- What to Eat in Kemer


 There are many restaurants in Kemer serving the best examples of Mediterranean cuisine. Especially popular local dishes are among the most preferred. In the center of Kemer, you can find restaurants serving fish and seafood with different tastes. Apart from that, Kemer has breakfast places with rich breakfast menus. We strongly recommend that you taste the pancake made from various herbs, which is a local dish.