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Antalya - Side

Side is indisputably the most glamorous tourism region of Antalya, most visited by local and foreign tourists, connected to Manavgat. The most important feature is that it is located in the middle of the ancient city of Side. It is a port city under the control of the Lydian kingdom, which ruled in the region in the 8th century BC. Side is the most popular holiday resort of the Mediterranean region with its vast beaches and the temple of Athena in the center.


 Places to Visit in Side


 The first place to visit is undoubtedly the temple of Athena in the center of Side and the ancient city around it. The ancient city is free of charge, except for the ancient theatre. You can reach this favorite tourism point with Side transfer with the comfort and privilege of Side harbor is located right next to the ancient city and offers you various opportunities to take a yacht tour. Side museum, which has the title of being the first museum opened in the village in our country, contains valuable historical artifacts. For diving enthusiasts, Side underwater museum has been in service since 2015. 117 sculptures are exhibited in it.


 Transportation to Side


 Transportation service is provided by our company for round trips. Based on your request, with Antalya airport Side transfer, we can transport you to Side without getting into the busyness of the city. The prices are extremely affordable and it is a pleasure to provide you with the quality in this way.


 With Side Antalya transfer, we provide you with a safe transportation service on the way back. It takes approximately 80 minutes between Side and Antalya. During the transfer process of Side Antalya Airport, our team offers you a comfortable service with quality vehicles. You can make a reservation and ask for support by contacting us at any time of 7-24 days. We make every effort for your satisfaction during the service. It is our greatest goal and wish that you choose us.


 What to Eat in Side?


 Side is an old port city. Therefore, dishes made with fish and seafood are more popular. There are many fish restaurants around the port. You should definitely take the opportunity to have a romantic dinner under the lights of the temple of Athena. In the center of Side, there are restaurants that make local dishes, various meat dishes and pita. You can also find entertainment venues around the port, apart from many cafes and restaurants.