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Antalya - Olympos

Olympos is actually one of the most beautiful places in Antalya. However, due to its distance from the center, it does not attract enough attention. In fact, the place in every tourist's mind is a place with deep blue waters like Olympos and at the same time beautiful places both naturally and historically. However, the distance and the difficulty of access have a great effect on the fact that Olympos is not famous enough. It is known that people who have come to this region at least once with Olimpos Transfer can no longer give up. Yes, maybe 5-star hotels do not come to the fore with shopping malls. But it has many historical beauties and deep blue sea. There are also camping options for those who love excitement.


 What to do at Olympia?


 Visiting the ancient city of Olympos is one of the most beautiful activities to do. Spending time here as you find time from the beach will both take you on a historical journey and encourage you to take photos. The ancient city of Olympos, which we can call a natural museum, attracts great attention of visitors.


 The Lycian way is also in a region not far from Olympos. Visiting both the ancient city and the historical Lycian road will add pleasing information to you in terms of history. Gelidonya Lighthouse is one of the beautiful places of Olympos. Going to this lighthouse, where you will feel the Mediterranean under your feet, is one of the activities to be done in the Olympia. Apart from traveling, it is known that people who come to the region with Antalya Olympos transfer love to dive. Especially Adrasan beach stands out in this regard.


 Transportation Service


 Transportation service is provided by our company for round trips. Based on your request, with Antalya airport Olimpos transfer, we can transport you to Olympos without getting into the urban density. The prices are extremely affordable and it is a pleasure to provide you with the quality in this way.


 With Olimpsos Antalya transfer, we provide you with a safe transportation service on the way back. The distance between Olympos and Antalya takes approximately 90 minutes. During the transfer process of Olympos Antalya Airport, our team offers you a comfortable service with quality vehicles. You can make a reservation and ask for support by contacting us at any time of 7-24 days. We make every effort for your satisfaction during the service. It is our greatest goal and wish that you choose us.