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Antalya - Adrasan

Adrasan is a settlement in the Kumluca district of Antalya. Adrasan, which is located in the coastal part, has recently started to become a favorite of tourists who want to explore new places. Adrasan, which has a natural beauty, fascinates those who see it with its coast and bays. Its old name is Çavuşköy and it has an old history. It has a beach that cools its visitors in the heat of the Mediterranean with the blowing winds. This beach, which is generally far from large hotels and businesses, has a natural beauty. It is possible to see and visit the quiet and calm coves in this region with organized boat tours.


 What to Eat in Adrasan?


 In Adrasan, which is a Mediterranean town, seafood can be found fresh like other regions. It is possible to eat many seafood, including seasonal fish. In addition to seafood, delicious appetizers also take their place on the tables. Village products such as homemade butter, cheese and eggs are also available fresh. As a Mediterranean classic, olive oil dishes are eaten in Adrasan.


 Where to go in Adrasan?


 -Olympos Ancient City


 Adrasan is an ancient city very close to Olympos. Olympos, which has a very old history, is protected as a protected area. It is also the nesting area of ​​caretta carettas. Olympos Ancient City, which offers the opportunity to see historical ruins, is a must-visit region especially for history buffs.


 - Rhodiapolis Ancient City


 Rhodiapolis Antique City is a place in Antalya's Kumluca district. This region offers very important things to the visitors in terms of history. There are many ruins such as theatre, bath, water cistern and monument from many different periods.




 Yanartaş, which has a very old and interesting story, is a region famous for its underground fire that never goes out. This place, which is considered to be a natural gas source, has managed to find a place for itself in Greek Mythology. It is also possible to see the remains of buildings from the Byzantine period in this region.


 How to go to Adrasan?


 In order to reach Adrasan, it is necessary to come to Antalya first. The distance between Antalya and Adrasan is 105 kilometers and the transportation takes 95 minutes. VAC Transfer is the right choice for those who are looking for Antalya Airport Adrasan transfer or Adrasan Antalya transfer company to reach Adrasan. Thanks to Adrasan transfer, it is possible to reach Adrasan comfortably and safely. For those who need Adrasan Antalya Airport transfer company after reaching Antalya Airport, VAC Transfer company offers the best travel experience to tourists with its vehicles and experienced staff. Antalya Adrasan transfer offers the easiest, fastest and most comfortable way to arrive in Adrasan. VAC Transfer will be the right choice for tourists who want to start their holiday with pleasure and comfort.