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Antalya - Belek

Belek, which is connected to the Serik district of Antalya, is one of the popular tourism regions. With its natural beauties and historical structure, it attracts local and foreign tourists, especially in summer. It has become a very modern tourism region, especially with the hotels and facilities built recently.


 Where to go in Belek?


 -Aspendos Ancient City


 Aspendos, dating from the Roman period, is a very well preserved theater. Reflecting the Greek architecture, this theater is quite modern and developed especially for its period. In addition to the theater, aqueducts and sculptures are seen in the ancient city of Aspendos. Festivals and concerts are still held in this theater, which can host approximately 18 thousand people.


 -Kursunlu Waterfall


 Kurşunlu Waterfall, which is very close to Belek, is definitely a natural wonder worth seeing and visiting. There are also ponds in this waterfall, which is located in a canyon. Domestic and foreign tourists can take a walk in the nature park here, and examine the animals and plants here. There are also places for picnics.


 -Golf Courses


 Belek has been one of the places where golf tourism has gained strength, especially in recent years. With the newly built facilities, it has become one of the most important places for golf tourism in the world. These facilities, which are intertwined with nature, have many rich structures such as quality golf courses, eating and drinking places or shopping venues. There are many facilities and hotels for golf enthusiasts in Belek.


 -Garden of Religions


 One of the rare places in Belek is the Garden of Religions. This garden was built in 2004. There is a mosque, church and synagogue in this garden. The Garden of Religions, also known as the garden of tolerance, is a place where three major religions come together. This garden, where the rituals of every religion take place, is a place of tolerance and respect.


 How to go to Belek?


 It is quite easy to reach Belek. The distance between Antalya and Belek is 33 kilometers. This route takes approximately 34 minutes. Those who want to spend this short time comfortably can reach Belek via Belek transfer. Those who want to come with Antalya Airport will encounter VAC Transfer when they call Antalya Airport Belek transfer or Belek Antalya Airport transfer company.


 They can reach Belek safely and comfortably through VAC Transfer. VAC Transfer, one of the best companies that can be found for Antalya Belek transfer, is the right choice for domestic and foreign tourists. With Region Antalya transfer, visitors can reach Belek and start their vacation in the best way possible.