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Antalya - Bogazkent

Boğazkent, which is connected to the Serik district of Antalya, is a newly developing tourism region. The coast of Boğazkent is one of the nesting areas of caretta carettas. Bogazkent, with its historical places and natural beauties, is one of the most popular tourism regions of recent times. Since it is close to other districts of Antalya, it is possible to visit the surrounding areas on a daily basis.


 Where to go in Boğazkent?


 -Bogazkent Bird Sanctuary


 Boğazkent Bird Sanctuary is one of the places frequently visited by tourists coming to Boğazkent. In this nature park, visitors can see more than 200 bird species. In this bird garden, which is a natural beauty, you can observe the birds and take their photos.


 -Olivestone Cave


 Zeytintaşı Cave, which is very close to Serik, is a natural beauty. The formation of stalactites, stalagmites and columns still fascinates those who see it. It is possible to walk in this cave and its surroundings. In this environment, where the air is very clean and beautiful, animals and plants can be seen and nature can be enjoyed.


 -Ucansu Waterfall


 Uçansu Waterfall is very close to Serik. It is a place where tourists visit to cool off, especially in summer. It also fascinates those who see it with its natural beauty. This hidden waterfall in the forest is quite cool and spacious. Although there is no place to stay in Uçansu Waterfall, which can be visited as a day trip, it is definitely a place to be visited.


 -Selge Ancient City


 Selge Ancient City, which is one of the places that history lovers should see, has a very old history. There is a theatre, stadium and many ancient structures here. This region, which has a natural beauty, is one of the places that should be visited by those who go to Boğazkent.


 How to go to Bogazkent?


 Domestic and foreign tourists arriving in Antalya can reach Boğazkent in a short time via Boğazkent transfer. The distance between Antalya and Boğazkent is 38 kilometers and this road takes about 40 minutes. Especially when the tourists coming with the Airport search for Antalya Airport Boğazkent transfer or Boğazkent Antalya Airport transfer company from the internet, VAC Transfer will appear. VAC Transfer offers the highest quality and comfortable journey to visitors with its vehicles and employees. VAC Transfer, which is the best choice to be preferred as Antalya Boğazkent transfer company, is preferred by tourists. With Boğazkent Antalya transfer, you can reach Boğazkent in the fastest and safest way.