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Antalya - Cirali

Çıralı is a tourism region of Antalya's Kemer district. This area, located on the coastline, is one of the nesting areas of caretta carettas. Çıralı, which is a quiet place where green and blue meet, has a very clean air and a clear sea. Çıralı is one of the historical regions of Antalya. Çıralı, which finds its place especially in mythology, is one of the places that history and mythology enthusiasts should see. A citrus-scented holiday in Çıralı, a region where agriculture is also practiced, can be a good choice.


 Places to Visit in Cirali


 -Cirali Beach


 This beach, which is the nesting place of caretta carettas, is one of the places that tourists love with its clear sea and the beauty of its green. Here you can swim in the sea, enjoy the sun or take a walk in the forest air.




 Yanartaş, a place that finds its place in mythology, is flooded by visitors from both Çıralı and the surrounding areas. There is a flame that never goes out as a result of a natural gas leaking from cracks in the ground. Rumor has it that this flame has never been extinguished since ancient times. Although this area, which can be reached on foot, is a bit tiring, the view is definitely worth it.


 -Likya way


 This walking route, which starts from Fethiye and reaches Antalya, is one of the longest walking routes in the world. There are also accommodation and recreation facilities located on this walking path. While walking, a unique Mediterranean view accompanies the visitors.


 How to go to Cirali?


 It is quite easy to reach Çıralı via Antalya. The distance between Antalya and Çıralı is approximately 90 kilometers and this journey takes 95 minutes. VAC Transfer is in front of the tourists who will prefer Çıralı transfer for this journey. When it comes to Cirali Antalya transfer, VAC Transfer, which stands out with its quality, is one of the best in its field. Experienced and friendly staff and vehicles provide the best service to tourists. Especially tourists who want to reach Çıralı via Antalya Airport can easily reach Çıralı via Antalya Airport Çıralı transfer. VAC Transfer Çıralı Antalya Airport, which ensures that this journey is safe and comfortable, is the best company to be preferred when it comes to transfer.