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Antalya - Demre

Demre is one of the districts of Antalya. Besides being a touristic city, Demre is also a historical city. It is still possible to see historical ruins in Demre, one of the important cities of Lycia. In this respect, there are not enough tourism facilities in Demre, which attracts tourists. For this reason, people focus on agriculture rather than tourism. Fruit production, which mostly consists of vegetables and citrus fruits, is more common.


 Where to go in Demre?


 - Christmas father church


 The construction of the Santa Claus Church, also known as the Church of St. Nicholas, goes back to the Byzantine Period. Saint Nicholas, the clergyman known as Santa Claus, was born in Lycia and is said to have helped people a lot. It is visited quite often, especially by foreign tourists.


 - Myra Ancient City


 The Ancient City of Myra is a historical building from the Lycian Period. Here you can see very important historical artifacts. One of them is the ancient theatre. It was destroyed by an earthquake and later rebuilt. Another is the rock tombs. These are life-size human figures made as reliefs inside these rock tombs that look like houses. It is one of the places that history lovers must visit.


 -Simena Ancient City


 The ancient city of Simena, also called Kaleköy, is a historical place from the Lycian period. It is possible to come across historical remains such as tombs and theaters. The sea view is also the kind that will fascinate the visitors.


 How to go to Demre?


 There are many different routes to the Demre district of Antalya. After reaching Antalya, the road to Demre is 160 kilometers. This route takes approximately 150 minutes. Those who want to spend this time comfortably should prefer Demre transfer. When tourists who are considering visiting Demre search on the internet as Antalya Demre transfer or Demre Antalya transfer, VAC Transfer will appear. VAC Transfer will be the best company for visitors who want to reach their holiday destinations peacefully. After reaching Antalya Airport, Antalya Airport Demre transfer company will be ready with VAC Transfer vehicles and employees to reach Demre. VAC Transfer, which is a Demre Antalya Airport transfer company, will transport domestic and foreign tourists to the holiday regions comfortably and comfortably.