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Antalya - Denizyaka

Denizyaka is a settlement in Antalya's Manavgat district. Denizyaka, which has a coastline, has started to be preferred by tourists. In the settlement where the Mediterranean climate is dominant, agriculture is done intensively. There is also a small amount of fishing in the coastal part.


 Where to go in Denizkaya?


 -Manavgat waterfall


 Denizyaka is connected to Manavgat and is located in a very close area. Tourists going to Denizyaka can go to Manavgat Waterfall for a day. Manavgat Waterfall, which is a place preferred by local and foreign tourists, is one of the places to be seen. It is a resting and cooling area for tourists who are overwhelmed by the heat of summer. There are also suitable places for picnics around the Manavgat Waterfall.


 -Side Ancient City


 Many historical ruins can be seen in the historical place, which is estimated to date back to the Hittites. Remains of many structures such as the city walls, city gates, theatre, house, bath, waterway can be seen in the Ancient City of Side. Festivals and concerts are still held in Side Antique Theater today.


 -The Temple of Apollo


 The Temple of Apollo in the city of Side should definitely be seen by history lovers. The vast majority of the temple, built in ancient times, is still preserved. The columns in the Temple of Apollo, inspired by mythology, are worth seeing.


 -Hound Canyon


 One of the must-visit places in Manavgat, which is considered close to Denizkaya, is the Hound Canyon. Located in the National Park, Tazı Canyon is especially preferred by sports lovers. Many different sports such as rafting, trekking and climbing can be done in the Tazı Canyon. In addition, many animal and plant species can be observed here. In particular, there are many different types of birds. Due to its unique view, it has recently been a frequent destination for those who want to do photography.


 How to go to Denizkaya?


 The road to reach Denizkaya from Antalya is 46 kilometers and takes 45 minutes. Through Denizyaka transfer, domestic and foreign tourists can spend this time in a quality way. Those who want to go safely to the region they have chosen for their holiday, those who are looking for Antalya Denizyaka transfer or Denizyaka Antalya transfer company, can choose VAC Transfer with peace of mind. They can make a reservation for Antalya Airport Denizyaka transfer at any time from address. The best choice for Denizyaka Antalya Airport transfer will be VAC Transfer.