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Antalya - Evrenseki

Evrenseki is a cute holiday region of Antalya's Manavgat district. It is one of the tourism regions preferred by domestic and foreign tourists during the tourism season. It has a wide beach where you can enjoy the sun and the sea all day long. In the vicinity of Evrenseki, there are many hotels where you can have a luxurious holiday apart from the modest ones. It is one of the rare tourism regions where you can enjoy your holiday with its quiet and blue flag sea, especially preferred by families with children. Domestic and foreign tourists can reach here with Evrenseki transfer.


 Places to Visit in Evrenseki


 Evrenseki is known for its proximity to many other tourist areas. Manavgat waterfall is one of them. This magnificent natural event, which you can reach with Antalya Evrenseki transfer, is worth seeing. Apart from this, the ancient city of Side, Evrenseki Antalya, is a tourism paradise where you can make a day trip with a transfer. There are many shopping places in Evrenseki Hotels Street.


 You should definitely spare one day from your holiday to see these shopping places and do shopping. In particular, there are textile products suitable for every pocket. Evrenseki is 12.5 km from the ancient city of Side and 14 km from Manavgat. Those who are keen on extreme sports should definitely try paragliding. You will have the chance to see the magnificent view of Evrenseki from a bird's eye view. You should also visit the Evrenseki cultural house.


 Getting to Evrenseki


 If you are planning to travel to Evrenseki by plane, you can use Antalya Evrenseki airport transfer service via With this transfer service, you will be transported from the airport to Evrenseki in a comfortable and reliable way. The distance from Antalya airport to Evrenseki is 59 km. Evrenseki Antalya airport transfer service from your hotel to other tourism regions has the mission of transporting you safely to the point you want to reach through VAC Transfer.


 Dining in Evrenseki


 There are many restaurants where you can dine in the center of Evrenseki. You can find luxury restaurants serving a variety of world cuisine. Apart from that, you can enjoy delicious dishes from the local cuisine of the region. If you are into seafood, you can taste the Mediterranean's wide variety of fish menus. There are many kebab and pita restaurants for those who prefer red meat.


 Shopping in Evrenseki


 The most preferred place for holidaymakers is the public bazaar set up on Fridays in Manavgat. In this market, textile products other than fruits and vegetables are sold. The biggest feature is the large and richness of textile products. Textile products suitable for every pocket are one of the symbolic places of Manavgat.