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Antalya - Finike

Finike, which has hosted many civilizations from past to present, is one of the touristic districts of Antalya. Finike, which is located 111 km from Antalya, has become famous in the world with its orange. The number of places to visit and see in this district, which is admired and indispensable for those who go, is quite high. Due to the fact that it has hosted many civilizations, its ancient cities are quite numerous. It is very important to take advantage of the right transfers for Antalya Finike holiday resorts trips. You can choose us to enjoy your holiday and get reliable service. For region transfers


 Antalya Finike Places to Visit


 The exact date of establishment of the Arykanda Ancient City is not known. This ancient city, which should not be missed by people who come to Finike on holiday, was unearthed during the excavations carried out in 1971. These excavations continued until 2013. The remains unearthed during the excavations enabled detailed information about the region to be reached. There are mosaic houses, agora, theater and stadium in the ancient city, which contains magnificent examples of Hellenistic architecture. The ancient city, located 30 km from the town of Finike, played an important role in reaching information about the Lycian civilization.


 Entry to Gagai Ancient City is completely free. The ancient city, which has no time limit for those who want to visit and see, is located in the east of the Gulf of Phenicia. No detailed archaeological work has been carried out in this ancient city until today. Although there are artifacts unearthed thanks to the small excavations, detailed excavation work has not started yet. The city of Gagai, which means the people of Gaga, is a popular destination for vacationers during the summer months. For Finike holiday resorts, you can take advantage of our Antalya Finike transfer options.


 Limyra Anbtic City The ancient city located in Antalya's Finike district is free of charge. Transportation in this ancient city, which has a fascinating beauty, is very easy. It is possible to tour through the desired Finike transfer.



 How to Provide Transportation to Finike Holiday Resorts?


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