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Antalya - Goynuk

Göynük is a settlement in the Kemer district of Antalya. Thanks to its clear and clean sea and natural beauties, many tourists visit this place. Like other districts of Antalya, Göynük also has a historical past. It is estimated that its history started in the Lycian period. Turkmen nomads settled in the region much later.


 Where to go in Göynük?


 -Goynuk Beach


 Göynük has a long and clean beach. While some of these beaches belong to hotels, there are some that belong to the public. You can sunbathe on these beaches and enjoy the sea and fresh air. In addition, many water sports can be done on Göynük beaches. Many different activities such as parasailing, diving, boat tours can be done.


 -Goynuk Canyon


 Göynük Canyon is one of the places that should definitely be visited by those who go to Göynük. Many activities can be done in this canyon, which can be visited on a daily basis. A part of the Lycian road, which is considered a walking track, passes through Göynük Canyon. For this reason, domestic and foreign tourists frequently visit Göynük Canyon for trekking. In addition to walking, you can cool off by swimming, take a tour in the canyon, and enjoy this natural beauty.




 Dinopark, which is a theme park, is a place that children will especially love. Established in a forest area, Dinopark is an entertainment venue that children will enjoy. There are many different activities such as dinosaur models, adventure park, 7D cinema, pool, children's workshops and zoo. Dinopark, which is built in a way that children will not want to leave once they enter, is a place that families with children should visit.


 How to go to Göynük?


 In order to reach Göynük, which is a part of Antalya's Kemer district, it is necessary to come to Antalya. After arriving in Antalya, a 50-kilometer road remains. It takes an average of 45 minutes to go this route. Domestic and foreign tourists can use a Göynük transfer vehicle to arrive in Göynük. Those who are looking for Antalya Göynük transfer or Göynük Antalya transfer company will first come across VAC Transfer. VAC Transfer is the right choice for domestic and foreign tourists with its quality vehicles and experienced employees. After arriving at Antalya Airport, those who use VAC Transfer as the Antalya Airport Göynük transfer company begin a comfortable and safe journey. Göynük can be easily reached via Antalya Airport transfer.