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Antalya - Gundogdu

Gündoğdu is a settlement in the Manavgat district of Antalya. Due to its proximity to other districts and settlements, it has recently attracted both domestic and foreign tourists.


 Where to go in Gündoğdu?


 -Side Beach


 Side Beach is one of the places loved by local and foreign tourists with its clear and clean sea, beautiful sandy beach and greenery behind it. It is one of the favorite places of tourists with its long beach, soft and fine sand. Especially the shallow sea allows children to enter the sea safely. In addition, the facilities around it provide a comfortable holiday for domestic and foreign tourists.


 -Side Ancient City


 Side, one of the most important cities of the ancient period, still carries its importance today. This ancient city, whose city gate is still intact, maintains its historical importance. It is possible to see many historical ruins such as city walls, theatres, baths and temples. This city, which is still a settlement, is one of the places loved by history lovers.


 -Yörük Museum


 This museum, which exhibits the life, culture and works of the Yoruks living in the Mediterranean, receives visitors quite often. It is possible to see many works in this museum, where exhibitions are held both indoors and outdoors. The nomadic tents exhibited in the open air especially attract the attention of visitors. This museum, where animations are also made, welcomes its visitors free of charge.


 -The Apollon Temple


 One of the important structures built in Antiquity and survived until today is the Temple of Apollo. The columns seen in this temple, most of which are still preserved and intact, impress those who see it. The historical artifacts found in the excavations are still exhibited here. Tourists coming to Gündoğdu should definitely visit the Temple of Apollo on a daily basis.


 How to go to Gundogdu?


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