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Antalya - Kadriye

Kadriye is a tourism resort in the Serik district of Antalya. It is a corner of paradise with unique beaches, which is preferred by tourists especially from abroad. Kadriye is also known as an entertainment center apart from being a tourism center. The Land Of Legends theme park, which is one of the largest theme parks in the world, is located in this cute tourism town. You can easily reach this thematic park by transfer to Kadriye.


 Places To Visit In Kadriye


 Apart from The Land Of Legends theme park, Kadriye's special feature is that it has a religious garden consisting of places of worship of 3 monotheistic religions. In this garden of religions, the synagogue, church and mosque are in the same garden. Kadriye is very close to Belek, another tourism resort. The distance between Belek and Kadriye is 8 km and the estimated journey takes 10-12 minutes. If you do not have your own vehicle, you can make your transportation with Antalya Kadriye transfer via


 If you are an antique city enthusiast, you should definitely visit Aspendos instead of spending your day with something other than hot sands and cool waters. This theater, which has a history of 2000 years, has a capacity of 15 000 people. Aspendos is 23 km from Kadriye and takes about 25 minutes. You can safely reach the region with Kadriye Antalya transfer.


 How to Provide Transportation to Kadriye?


It is quite easy to reach Kadriye via Antalya. VAC Transfer is in front of the tourists who will prefer Kadriye transfer service for this journey. You do not have to look for a transfer company to Antalya Kadriye through VAC Transfer. Kadriye Antalya is one of the best in the field of VAC Transfer, which stands out with its quality when it comes to transfer. Experienced and friendly staff and vehicles provide the best service to tourists. Especially tourists who want to reach Kadriye via Antalya Airport can easily reach Çıralı via Antalya Airport Kadriye transfer. VAC Transfer Çıralı Antalya Airport, which ensures that this journey is safe and comfortable, is the best company to be preferred when it comes to transfer.


 What to Eat in Kadriye


 There are many restaurants in Kadriye central market. Apart from the classic grill, you can taste various flavors from Turkish cuisine. There are seafood restaurants and fast food style places. Apart from the restaurants with various tastes from the world cuisine, there are pubs and night clubs where you can have fun especially at night. You can also choose various restaurants that offer rich breakfast and places where pancakes are made.