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Antalya - Kaleici

Kaleiçi is a settlement belonging to the Muratpaşa district of Antalya. It attracts history lovers with its many historical houses. It impresses people with its historical artifacts from many historical periods and houses with different architectural textures. It provides a pleasant and comfortable holiday for domestic and foreign tourists with the recently built hotels and facilities.


 Where to go in Kaleici?


 -Mermerli Beach


 Mermerli beach, located in Kaleiçi, is one of the places where blue and green are in harmony. Although it is a small beach, it receives quite a lot of visitors during the summer months. It is understood that it is a blue flag beach when you enter the sea. Thanks to the clarity of the sea, the sea floor can be seen clearly.




 There are many different facilities around this small marina with tour boats or sailboats. The tiredness of the holiday can be relieved in these places. It also offers a unique view for those who want to take pictures with its scenery. You can make a small trip around the area with the tour boats located here.




 This elevator, which was built to facilitate going to the marina in Kaleiçi, has a panoramic feature. It is quite enjoyable to watch the scenery in this elevator, which makes it easy to descend to the sea level. This elevator also has a terrace. Tourists who go up to this terrace can watch the unique view of Kaleici and the sea and take photos from here.


 -Hıdırlık Tower


 This tower, built on the city walls in Kaleiçi, has a very old history. This tower, which is thought to have been built during the Roman Empire, was used to watch the ships. Due to its location on a high place, the unique view of Antalya can be seen very easily from here.


 How to go to Kaleici?


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