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Antalya - Kestel

Impressive with its deep blue sea and lush nature, Kestel is a perfect holiday destination where you can completely relieve all the tiredness of the year. The region has a warm climate and is a paradise in Alanya with its clean beaches and fine sand. Since it is very close to the center of Alanya, it is a good location where you can see natural beauties and historical places.


 It was named Kestel because it is located on a hill like a castle and is a secret and safe place. Kestel means a safe and sheltered place like a castle. Although there is no clear written history of Kestel, its history is considered very old. Since no excavations were carried out in the archaeological area, no structures were found.


 Kestel is famous for its orange groves and banana groves. You will be almost intoxicated by the smell of oranges. You will enjoy the coolness in the deep blue sea and sunbathe at the same time.


 What to eat and drink in Kestel?


 It will make its guests experience a feast of taste with its fish restaurants in the region reflecting the Mediterranean cuisine. At the same time, you can taste the local flavors of olive oil and herbs that you can't get enough of. You can easily reach the restaurants where you can eat these local delicacies by transferring from Antalya to the region.


 Places to Visit in Kestel


 -Dim Stream


 Dim Stream, which is famous for its cold water in all seasons, is an indispensable stop especially for those who want to get away from the heat of summer.


 -Dim Cave


 Dim Cave, which has a magnificent atmosphere, fascinates its visitors with its natural beauty. If you happen to be in Kestel, we say don't come back without seeing this beauty.


 All you have to do to see these natural beauties is to come to Antalya from your city. After arriving in Antalya, you can reach Kestel region, which is one of the most popular places in Antalya, by Antalya airport region transfer without having to travel.


 Kestel Transportation Opportunity


 Kestel is approximately 6 kilometers from the center of Alanya. It takes 3 minutes. The distance to Antalya Airport is 130 km, with an average of 125 minutes. You can enjoy your holiday by coming to the Kestel region with the region Antalya airport transfer.


 The distance between Antalya and Kestel is 135 km and you can reach anywhere you want by transfer to Antalya region in 120 minutes. The number one choice of domestic and foreign tourists, VAC Transfer, and Antalya Kestel transfer will provide you with a unique service.