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Kiriş Transfer Regions

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Antalya - Kiris

Kiriş is a tourism region of Antalya's Kemer district. With the opening of the summer season, it is especially frequented by foreign tourists. The coastal part begins at the end of the orange groves on the coastline. Kiriş Kemer, the place where a lush nature embraces the deep blue and clear sea, is only 5 km away and you have the opportunity to travel with Kiriş transfer. Kiris also draws attention with its 2.1 km long beaches. You can swim in these beaches and enjoy the deep blue sea. There are many quality hotels in this tourism town where water sports activities are held.


 How to Provide Transportation to Kiris?


 Kiriş is to the west of Antalya. Its distance to the center of Antalya is about 51 km. Your journey takes 55 minutes with Kiris Antalya transfer. With Antalya Kiriş transfer service, the distance to Kemer, which is the closest place to the region, is only 5 km. After your flight, you can have a comfortable and reliable journey to your hotel in the region with Kiriş Antalya airport transfer service via You can reach Kiriş from Istanbul in 8 hours with your own vehicle. The distance is 755 km. Kiriş is 590 km from the capital Ankara and 492 km from İzmir.


 Places to Visit in Kiris


 Kiris is a tourism region where daily boat tours can be made. You can visit the coves with turquoise sea in the surrounding area and join an adrenaline-filled rafting tour in the Köprülü canyon on Köprüçay. If you want to spend a fun-filled day with your family, it serves local and foreign tourists with its parks, large pools and action-packed slides. If you want to stay in touch with nature as a nature lover, you should definitely visit the Olympos coast national park. You can reach the national park with Antalya Kiris airport transfer service. If you are into diving, you can join a diving tour in the clear and blue waters of Kiriş.


 What to Eat in Kiris?


 In Kiriş, there are restaurants where you can taste various dishes from international cuisine, as well as local delicacies made from various herbs. Especially zucchini cintmesi, eggplant cive and palize are local delicacies of the region. In the center of Kiris, there are many restaurants where fish and seafood are served according to the season. In Kiriş, where the nightlife is calm, there are many cafes and restaurants with live music.