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Konaklı Transfer Regions

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Antalya - Konakli

Konakli is a town with unique natural beauties. Konaklı town has a beach with a length of 10 meters. The small cliffs along the coast add a unique beauty to the landscape. There are cafes and kiosks along the shore in Konaklı.


 Antalya - Konakli Transportation Opportunities


 Konaklı town is a cute place on the Mediterranean coast. Konaklı town is located in the south of Turkey and is on the D 400 highway. Konakli transfer is only 12 kilometers away from Alanya. Konaklı town is 125 kilometers from the center and 115 kilometers from Antalya Airport. In addition, Gazipaşa Airport, which is a transportation advantage during the transfer with Antalya accommodation offered by VAC Transfer, is very close to the region and is only 50 kilometers away. Thanks to Konaklı Antalya airport transfer transportation facilities, Konaklı town is among the most preferred places for holiday.


 Places to Visit in Antalya - Konaklı Town


 Thanks to the shopping malls in Konaklı, you can eat and do all your shopping easily. It is possible to make historical discoveries while vacationing in Konaklı. Sarapsa Han Caravanserai, located in the region with Konaklı Antalya transfer, is among the historical places to be seen.


 There are also places to stay as a spa and health center. Here you can easily relieve the tiredness of your trip. Konaklı town has many places to visit. When you come to Konaklı holiday resort, it will be possible to experience a unique holiday process and to accumulate memories. Konakli has different beauties from each other.


 Thanks to Vac Transfer, you will have a peaceful and safe holiday in Antalya airport accommodation transfers. Thanks to the VIP transfer services offered by the company to its valued customers, it is now very easy to go from one point to another. In addition, it is very economical, so it does not strain your budget.


 What to do in Konaklı?


 With the Konaklı Antalya airport transfer privilege, you can tan in the sun and swim in the sea. You can also have the opportunity to do many water sports. Boat trips will add a different flavor to your exploration of the environment. You can take pleasant walks along the long beach. You can capture unique photo frames at the Kızılkule and Shipyard in the region. You can observe Alanya Castle, which is also in the region, by cable car.


 With Konaklı transfer, you can immerse yourself in the magic of nature by visiting Damlataş Cave in the region. You can experience deep emotions in the mystical atmosphere of the historical Süleymaniye Mosque. You can go to Sapadere Canyon, which is also in the region, and add a new one to your nature discoveries here. You can reach all these experiences easily and economically with Vac Transfer.