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Antalya - Kumluca

Kumluca is one of the districts of Antalya. There are many historical ancient cities in Kumluca, which is one of the warmest regions of Antalya. In addition, with the new facilities built on the coast, tourism has started to develop considerably. It also provides highland tourism to tourists with its springs. Greenhouse cultivation also plays an important role in agriculture.


 Where to go in Kumluca?


 -Olympos Ancient City


 This historical settlement in Kumluca came from the Lycian period. In addition to its historical value, it is the nesting area of ​​caretta carettas. This city, which was founded with Hellenistic architecture, is also on the Lycian Way. Olympos Beach also impresses visitors with its sea and the forest behind it. There are many recreational and accommodation facilities here.


 -Adrasan Bay


 Another natural beauty in Kumluca is Adrasan Bay. It attracts local and foreign tourists with its sandy beach and sea. It is surrounded by mountains and forests. In addition, there are facilities in this bay where tourists can rest and stay. Located on the Lycian Way, this bay is definitely one of the must-see places. It is also possible to go to Adrasan Bay by boat tours.


 - Gelidonya Lighthouse


 Another historical place on the historical Lycian Way is Gelidonya Lighthouse. Gelidonya Lighthouse is also the highest lighthouse on the Turkish coast. Although it is difficult to reach this lighthouse located on the rocks, the view is worth the difficulty. Gelidonya Lighthouse, which has a view that those who love to walk and take photos, receives a lot of visitors every year.


 How to go to Kumluca?


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