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Lara Transfer Regions

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Antalya - Lara

Lara is considered one of the most prestigious tourist areas of Antalya. Lara is in a very advantageous location in terms of transfer and transportation, as it is the city center. It stretches along the Mediterranean coast of 18 km, between Kale İçi region in the west and Aksu village in the east. Wealthy residents of the city, Turks who come in summer and wealthy European tourists spend their holidays in comfortable hotel rooms in the luxury resort area. There are dozens of entertainment centers and large shopping centers for them in the area, as well as the city's finest restaurants.


 Lara District Offers Holiday Opportunity in Antalya City Center


 Apart from hotels, touristic residences and summer houses are offered almost equally in Lara district. The local infrastructure is so developed in terms of Antalya Lara transfer points that transportation to other parts of the city is extremely effortless. There are dozens of supermarkets, hundreds of restaurants, bars, cafes and other entertainment areas, jogging and cycling parks, tennis courts, football fields and a long sandy beach - The region is in the top three nationwide in terms of social activity areas.


 Turkish Vegas Antalya Lara


 Located in Antalya, Turkey, the Lara region is home to many five to seven star hotels, most of which are located in the Kundu district. Most of the hotels here are replicas of world-famous landmarks and are the establishments that brought Lara its name and fame as the "Turkish Vegas". The famous Lara Beach is one of the longest brownish beaches in Turkey. The region is unique in terms of Antalya transfer and transportation opportunities to popular holiday resorts.


 The distance of the region to the most preferred tourism regions; It is 430 km to Bodrum, 200 km to Fethiye, 125 km to Alanya, 325 km to Marmaris, 30-35 km to Belek and the hotels here. Since Antalya airport is in a key position in terms of Lara transfer point, its proximity to Lara district is of critical importance in domestic or international holiday travels.


 Lara Touristic Areas


 Just east of Antalya's rocky face is Lara Beach, a strip of land that stretches towards the Gulf of Antalya, almost touching the Lower Düden Waterfall. In the past years, tourists have learned that vacationing in Lara Beach is always about fulfilling the promises of trendy beaches, natural beauty and stylish accommodation. For this reason, they made the whole world accept the supremacy of the Turkish Riviera. All-inclusive holiday opportunities in Lara and the region's Antalya airport transfer facilities allow tourists to experience the excitement and adventure of nightly holiday life to the fullest.


 For those who are busy sunbathing or chasing shopping areas during the day, it is possible to explore neighboring centers or very popular areas at night. Away from the scorching heat of the scorching sun, local bars and restaurants offer unique opportunities to have a good time. Since Lara Public Beach provides all kinds of beach facilities to the tourists, you can rent one of the many sun loungers and bright umbrellas and enjoy the sun to the fullest.