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Antalya Manavgat

Manavgat is one of the most known and favorite holiday centers of Antalya. It is one of the locomotive holiday regions of Turkish tourism with many holiday concepts and options and hotel prices suitable for every budget. The Manavgat river, which passes through the middle of the district, is one of the symbolic places of the district. Manavgat waterfall is frequented by local and foreign tourists. Manavgat is the second largest district of Antalya and is 70 km from the city. You can reach the district by taking a 1-hour car journey with Manavgat transfer.


 Places to Visit in Manavgat


 The undisputed first place to be seen in the popular holiday center is the Manavgat waterfall. Before the water from the Taurus Mountains poured into the Mediterranean, it took a short break in Manavgat and turned into a waterfall with a small fall. The Manavgat river travels for 93 km before pouring into the Mediterranean. The distance of the waterfall to the center is 7 km and you can reach Antalya Manavgat in 15 minutes with the comfort of Another must-see point in Manavgat is the river in the town centre. The riverside, surrounded by large and small cafes and restaurants, offers a great opportunity to take a break while sightseeing. Manavgat is approximately 9 km from Side, an ancient city. You can make your transportation safely and comfortably with Manavgat Antalya transfer.


 Manavgat Transportation


 Manavgat, which is approximately 77 km from Antalya, is a 1-hour and 15-minute journey with Manavgat Antalya airport transfer service, you can do it smoothly and safely. Antalya airport, where millions of tourists land in the summer season, is 72 km from Manavgat. You can make your journey, which takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, with the privilege of Antalya Manavgat airport transfer. VAC Transfer offers the best service to those who are looking for a Antalya Manavgat transfer company to go to Manavgat. With Manavgat Antalya transfer, domestic and foreign tourists can safely reach Manavgat. When tourists coming to Manavgat via Antalya Airport call Antalya Airport Manavgat transfer or Manavgat Antalya Airport transfer company, VAC transfer will appear. Thanks to VAC Transfer, he can safely reach the holiday resort Manavgat. Thanks to Manavgat transfer, tourists who spend their journey safely and comfortably can start their holidays with pleasure. Thanks to VAC Transfer, they can reach Manavgat safely.


 What to Eat in Manavgat?


 Manavgat has many restaurants, especially in its center, by the river, offering outstanding examples of all kinds of World cuisine. You should definitely taste the pancakes made from various herbs in a bristle tent, which is one of the most special flavors of the region.