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Antalya - Okurcalar

Antalya is the city that receives the most tourists throughout the year for various reasons. It can be said that Antalya is among the world cities thanks to its sea, nature and name. People who want to be in this magnificent city flock to Antalya from home and abroad.


 It is known that thousands of people come to this city especially in the summer months. For whatever reason, tourists in Antalya are pushing the opportunities for a short or long-term holiday. Sometimes, it is challenging to have a holiday in Antalya, sometimes in terms of time and sometimes financially. It can be said that people who decide to take a vacation prefer beautiful towns. One of them is Okurcalar. You can make your holiday in this beautiful place by transferring to Okurcalar.


 What's Okurcalar like?


 Okurcalar is a town located 95 kilometers from Antalya. It is connected to the district of Alanya. Antalya airport Okurcalar transfer takes approximately 80 minutes. Its natives are known to be very sympathetic. You will be greeted with a smiling face in every business you go to. For all kinds of shopping you make, fairness is observed and you will not be victimized. Therefore, it is one of the most comfortable of the resort areas. The unique nature of Antalya is deeply felt and experienced in Okurcalar. The clarity of the sea almost adds a different atmosphere to the town.


 Alarahan is one of the most beautiful places in Okurcalar. It is known to be one of the largest caravanserais in Turkey. People who come to this region are advised not to go without seeing Alarahan. Another beauty of the region is the Alara castle. We can explain that he has the same name as Han as a legend thought to have lived here.


 Return to Okurcalar Antalya


 With the help of our experienced staff, there is a transfer to Okurcalar Antalya around the clock. Giving early instructions for this process will allow us to speed up. Our team members are on the alert for any kind of reservation you make. We start the Okurcalar Antalya Airport transfer process by picking you up from your location in Okurcalar with quality vehicles.


 During the journey, our teammates give you a pleasant process. Prices are offered as round trip or one way. It is possible for us to pick you up from any point of Okurcalar. Every tourist has various demands for the journey. Reasonably, our team members try to fulfill all these demands. It is extremely hygienic and well-maintained for your vehicles. It is our greatest desire that you choose us for transfer transactions.