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Antalya - Sorgun

Sorgun, which is connected to the Manavgat district of Antalya, is a newly developing holiday destination. Sorgun, which is also very close to Side, has recently started to become crowded with the visits of both local and foreign tourists. Sorgun, a charming seaside resort, is very close to Manavgat and Side. With its lush forest and clear sea, a holiday in Sorgun will be quite nice.


 Where to go in Sorgun?


 -Sorgun Beach


 Sorgun Beach, located in the town of Side, is quite open to visit with its clean sea. There are pebbles at the bottom of the sea. It is quite possible to see these pebbles due to the clear and clean sea. Since it is a shallow sea, it makes it especially preferred by families with children.


 -Side Ancient City


 Side, which was an important port city in ancient times, still preserves its historical importance and value today. It is possible to come across many historical artifacts and ruins in the Ancient City of Side, which is still a settlement. Especially Side Antique Theater is located in the center of the city. The theater, which reflects the Roman architecture quite well, has the capacity to host approximately 20 thousand people.


 -The Trembling Lake


 The trembling lake in Side has a structure that both fascinates and surprises those who see it. The water on the surface of the lake trembles due to the mixing of the fresh water coming from the Manavgat River and the salt water coming into the lake. For this reason, it was named as Titreyen Göl. Visitors have a pleasant time at Titreyen Lake with the facilities around it.


 How to go to Sorgun?


 The distance between Antalya and Sorgun is approximately 70 kilometers and this road takes 65 minutes. VAC Transfer will appear as a Sorgun transfer company for those who want to spend this road in a pleasant and safe way. When it comes to Antalya Sorgun transfer, VAC Transfer offers the best service to domestic and foreign tourists with both its quality and comfort.


 Passengers coming from Antalya Airport see VAC Transfer when they search for a company for Antalya Airport Sorgun transfer or Sorgun Antalya Airport transfer to arrive in Sorgun. With its experienced staff and vehicles, VAC Transfer transports tourists safely to the holiday destination. For Sorgun Antalya transfer, the first choice of tourists will be VAC Transfer. VAC Transfer, which safely transports domestic and foreign tourists to holiday destinations, always stands out with its quality.