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Security and Privacy Agreement

Security and Privacy Agreement


The explanations of the concepts and abbreviations used in this contract are given below.

1. VAC Transfer

2.Guest: The person or persons who visit and use the site for informational purposes without giving their personal contact information.

3.Member / Customer: Persons or institutions using a valid e-mail address and a password by entering the minimum information required to use the site, entering the site in this way and providing personal and / or corporate information, service details for this purpose.

4.User: It is the general definition of all visitors, members and customers using the site.

1-Privacy: This site is exclusively owned by VAC Transfer and is responsible for protecting the privacy of its users. Generally, it applies to all User information collected and used by this privacy agreement. This Confidentiality Agreement, information and data types collected on this site by VAC Transfer; explains how these are used and protected VAC Transfer confirms that all the rules in this contract will be fulfilled completely. Thus, depending on the principles contained herein, any information collected by VAC Transfer; Maximum care is taken in keeping with the strict security and confidentiality measures taken by the team in VAC Transfer related service department. However, this responsibility includes and is limited to the highest level of privacy provided under the conditions required by the internet environment. The site may contain links to sites owned by VAC Transfer affiliate, affiliate or its representatives and other sites that can demonstrate that they are sensitive enough about privacy and that comply with the standards. However, VAC Transfer cannot be held responsible for the content or privacy practices of the related sites.

2-Privacy of Personal Information and Membership Records: By using the site, you agree to the collection and use of your personal information, which can be obtained through the site, by VAC Transfer and related companies and representatives. In order to use your member page through the site, you need to use your e-mail address and password. It is recommended to change your password through your membership page. Also; You are responsible for the accuracy and accuracy of the information you provide when purchasing any of our services. Failure to provide the information required to continue your transactions fully or accurately may cause us to fail to perform the service you expect from our website. VAC Transfer is not responsible in any way for the failure of the website usage and / or services, which may result from your failure to provide your information completely and accurately. Your membership information should always be kept confidential; 3. VAC Transfer has no responsibility for third parties accessing your username and / or password information. Any responsibility arising from your failure to keep this information confidential rests with you and VAC Transfer does not assume any responsibility under whatever name.

3-Protection of the Information You Share With Us: VAC Transfer hosts all personal information and data provided for use of this Site and the services on the site on secure servers, and uses various secure techniques for protection, including transmission and encryption of financial information, if any. Many forms and data environments where you send information to us; encrypted and protected. The information and data you have entered are stored in our system as required by our services and for the period to be stored legally. Accessing the data held by us or changing the information can be done through the member login pages. Using these pages; It will mean that you consent to the storage and use of updated information and data by VAC Transfer, subject to this Confidentiality Agreement.

4-In time, VAC Transfer and its affiliates and / or their representatives may send a small text file to your computer via the Site. This information is small data sent by the Site server to your Internet browser and then stored in your computer's memory. Small texts sent will not harm your system. With this application, repeated visits to the Site are facilitated. You may not accept the texts sent by changing the settings of your internet browser or you can have your browser alert you when a text is sent to your computer. If you reject the texts, the applications you will encounter on our website and other websites may decrease and some features may not work as desired. VAC Transfer is not responsible for these decreasing applications and failures.

5-Agreement Changes: This Privacy Agreement is subject to change VAC Transfer will announce any changes in the Privacy Agreement on the site. All personal and / or membership and / or information sent and / or transmitted to VAC Transfer through the site are subject to the terms and conditions of the Confidentiality Agreement, as amended.

6-Contact Us: If you want to give any opinion about this Confidentiality Agreement, ask questions or inform about the violation of the Confidentiality Agreement, you can write to the e-mail address. VAC Transfer will take the necessary steps to meet these demands.